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Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park Limited Response to the Chief Executive’s 2021 Policy Address

06 Oct 2021

(Hong Kong, 6 October 2021) Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park Limited welcomes the overall arrangement and various key initiatives to accelerate the development of innovation and technology industry in the Chief Executive's 2021 Policy Address, which will help Hong Kong's innovation and technology industry integrate into the overall development of our country and the Greater Bay Area in the future.

  • The government proposes to increase land supply for innovation and technology, and Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park ("HSITP" or the "Park") and the areas around Lok Ma Chau/San Tin will be consolidated to form the San Tin Technopole, where land for I&T-related uses is estimated to reach 240 hectares.  At present, the Park covers an area of 87 hectares, and will provide a maximum gross floor area of 1.2 million sq. metres.  With the surrounding land for innovation and technology doubles, we believe this will create substantial economies of scale, providing I&T stakeholders and talents from local, mainland and overseas with a more comprehensive innovation and technology value chain in the San Tin Technopole.
  • We are happy to see the extension of Northern Link, currently under planning, northwards to connect to the new Huanggang Port in Shenzhen via HSITP.  This will promote the connections between New Territories North, and the urban area as well as the transportation network of Shenzhen.  In addition, this will facilitate cross-boundary traffic and transportation between the Loop and the urban area, and in turn help HSITP congregate talents and facilitate bidirectional flows of various I&T resources.
  • The government proposes the Loop should focus on R&D in life and health disciplines and the setting up of an InnoLife Healthtech Hub in HSITP.  We will continue to drive the development of life and health related industries.
  • The government proposes to expedite the construction of HSITP.  We are exploring potential adoption of different construction schemes and integration of new technologies and new materials in order to expedite construction of the Park.
  • Regarding government’s proposal to expand the Innovation and Technology Bureau into the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau, we are happy to see government's proactive deployment in the policy and institutional aspects, demonstrating its supports and affirmation of the contribution of re-industrialization to the future development of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology.

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About Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park Limited

Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation is vested with the responsibility to develop, operate, maintain and manage the Park.

Upon its full development, the Park will provide a total gross floor area of about 1.2 million square metres.  The vision of the Park is to become the world’s knowledge hub and I&T centre, converging enterprises, R&D institutions and higher education institutions from local, Mainland and overseas, which can connect upstream and midstream research to downstream market, further enhancing collaboration among industry, academic and research sectors.  High value-added processes including R&D, prototyping, product design and testing can be performed within the Park.  With the Park’s strategic location at the Loop, the Park will form with the Shenzhen Technology and Innovation Zone a cohesive and synergistic Shenzhen-Hong Kong Technology and Innovation Co-operation Zone.  Enterprises in the Park can leverage on Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area’s strong production facilities for mass production and tap into the huge Mainland market.


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