Our Story

Located at the Lok Ma Chau Loop in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park (the Park) will be developed as a key base for cooperation in scientific research, as well as providing relevant higher education, cultural and creative industries, and other complementary facilities, with a view to attracting top-tier enterprises, R&D institutions and higher education institutes from local, the Mainland and worldwide, opening up unprecedented space and exciting opportunities for the development of I&T in Hong Kong.


To connect upstream and midstream research to downstream market, further enhancing the collaboration among the industry, academic and research sectors


To effectively utilise the teaching and R&D resources to build an integrated advanced training platform in Hong Kong


To develop R&D-intensive or technology-enabled C&C sub-industries


The world's knowledge hub and I&T centre where the best talent congregate, where the future is visualised and innovative technological solutions for tomorrow's problems are developed and tested.



The Park aims to proactively accelerate cutting edge innovation and technology in the market for the benefit of the people through:

Driving the creation of world's leading research institutes and innovation and technology enterprises

To nurture the world's leading research institutes and innovation and technology enterprises in the Park, which in turn contributes to Hong Kong's innovation and technology development and enables Hong Kong to become globally renowned in innovation and technology

An open collaboration platform for knowledge exchange and applied research between a network of brains

To drive ideation as well as inter-disciplinary and cross-institutional applied research between a network of brains across academia, research institute, industry, government and society

An agile innovation testbed

To provide an agile environment for new technology development, testing and adoption

A market catalyst that serves as the innovation and technology growth engine of the GBA

To connect research institutes and enterprises with the Mainland and overseas countries, as well as enable deeper collaboration on innovation and technology and economic development within the GBA

An integrated advanced training platform for cultivation of innovation and technology talent

To continuously nurture and cultivate I&T talent throughout the innovation and technology value chain, empowering them to thrive and accelerate innovation and technology development in Hong Kong.

The development of the Park is a large-scale and long-term project. Upon its full development, the Park will provide a gross floor area of 1.2 million sq. m, and become Hong Kong’s largest-ever I&T platform. We have commenced Batch 1 development of the Park, which comprises eight buildings estimated to be completed in phases from 2024 to 2027.


Innovation and Technology Jobs

87 Hectares

Size of Technology Park

1.2 Million

Square Metre Gross Floor Area