Core Functions

The Park focuses on three core functions, namely R&D, higher education and cultural & creative industries.

Three core functions will create a collaborative innovation and technology ecosystem within the park. By promoting close cooperation between the innovation and technology industry and R&D institutions, R&D function will continuously tap the potential value of basic research and improve the ability of technological innovation and achievement transformation; both local and regional talent in R&D and innovation will be nurtured in the park through the Park's integrated advanced training platform of higher education function; the cultural and creative industries will provide the park with innovative advantages while adding high-tech elements. All these will help nurture R&D talent, foster an innovative culture and bring success to the participating partners.

The Park will initially focus on the development of six R&D areas, namely life and health technology, microelectronics, new materials technology, robotics, new energy technology, and artificial intelligence & data science.

Research & Development

With a focus on applied researches by R&D institutions and innovation-intensive enterprises, the R&D function will connect upstream and midstream research to downstream market, further enhancing the collaboration among the industry, academic and research sectors. High value-added processes including R&D, prototyping, product design and testing can be conducted in the Park. Taking into account factors such as the global trend of key emerging technologies, Hong Kong's advantages, regional demand and innovation cost, etc. the Park will focus on the development of six R&D areas, including healthcare technologies, big data and artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, new material, microelectronics, and financial technology (fintech).



Higher Education function aims to effectively utilise the teaching and R&D resources of universities and research institutes, while at the same time attracts overseas talent and promote the convergence, dissemination and exchange of the latest research breakthrough and new technologies through the Park's integrated advanced training platform, thereby nurturing local and regional talent in R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Cultural & Creative Industries

C&C function aims to develop R&D-intensive or technology-enabled C&C sub-industries which can leverage new knowledge or technologies from the R&D function, and also provide the Park with innovative advantages and serves as a showcase for the Park’s I&T achievement.